E3 2023, the most important video game fair has been cancelled: here’s why

The 2023 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the most important trade fair for video games, has been officially canceled by the organizers. The announcement was made by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) group, which underlined how the “lack of interest” from developers and publishers prompted the American body to cancel the event. It risks being a definitive farewell to a piece of history in the gaming sector.

Event cancelled

Following the publication of the IGN report, ESA directly confirmed the cancellation of the event: “It was a difficult decision, given the commitment made by us and our partners for the realization of this event, but we had to do what we it’s right for the industry and for E3,” says Kyle Marsden-Kish, vice president of gaming at ReedPop. “We understand that the affected companies did not have playable demos and that resource issues made their attendance at E3 very difficult. To all those who committed to attend, ReedPop apologizes.” The fair was scheduled from 13 to 16 June: it has been known for some time that Sony and Nintendo would not have taken part in the event.