EA Sports invests in youth football in view of the new generation of FIFA

A plan to invest in community football on a global scale with the goal of growing the game for everyone

Electronic Arts has announced FC Futures, a plan to invest in community football on a global scale with the goal of growing the game for everyone. The plan provides for investments over the next three years in various youth football projects. This announcement follows EA Sports’ new brand identity, logo and vision for the interactive future of football: EA Sports FC. “EA Sports FC symbolizes a positive future for football, and that future will be built by providing young people with the access and tools they need to follow their dreams,” said David Jackson, VP of Brand Marketing at EA Sports. “We look forward to partnering with organizations and football icons from around the world to inspire the next generation of young football fans and grow their love for the game.” EA Sports and the Football Foundation, the charity of the Premier League, FA and UK Government, unveiled the ‘Rocky and Wrighty Arena’ at Turnham Academy in south London. Opened by England legend Ian Wright, the ground will provide further access to football for local youth and help inspire the next generation of players.

FC Futures will build a public library of training practices, produced in five languages, which will be available later this year for young players and coaches in the community to consult online and use for their training plans. It will also ensure access to football for communities by supporting the creation and renovation of pitches, with support from foundations, federations and leagues. Finally, the program will invest in training accessories, providing soccer equipment in the form of balls, bibs, cones and other essential equipment. EA Sports has agreed a multi-year partnership with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to further support community football through advice from UEFA youth football coaches and investment in UEFA youth football initiatives. “We are thrilled to partner with EA Sports and its programme,” said Frank K. Ludolph, head of technical development at UEFA. “Through our team of UEFA technical education experts, we will work hand-in-hand with our long-term partner, EA Sports, to enhance our support of youth football. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for UEFA’s youth program to provide innovative access to modern, personalized training materials for the benefit of the next generation of players and fans.”

Ian Wright and Emma Hayes, world-renowned managers of women’s Chelsea, are the first FC Futures ambassadors who will partner with EA Sports to provide further support for youth football. “I am delighted to be an ambassador for EA Sports FC Futures,” said Ian Wright. “This is where football begins, right in our communities and investing in the game is a vital step in moving global football forward. This starts with giving children access to the facilities they need to be able to play as much as possible in safe spaces. I am grateful that my old school can play a part in the future of football and it is an honor to be involved.” Emma Hayes added: “Growing up in London, I’ve always looked for a way into the game. I’m thrilled that women and underrepresented talent are being given the resources so many of us haven’t. FC Futures is a fantastic way to provide opportunities for the next generation of fans to explore and deepen their passion for football, and it makes me proud to be an ambassador for FC Futures. I believe investments like this have the power to change lives.”