Earl Boen, the Silberman psychologist from ‘Terminator’ has died

He was 81 years old, 291 appearances between TV and cinema. He was also the voice of the pirate LeChuck in the Monkey Island series

The American actor Earl Boenthe character actor best known for playing criminal psychologist Peter Silberman in the “Terminator” saga, died Thursday, January 5 in Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of 81. The announcement of her death was given by her daughter Ruby Harbin to “The Hollywood Reporter”, specifying that in November her father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and that he “died peacefully in his sleep”.

Born on August 8, 1941 in New York, Boen has amassed dozens of credits throughout his career, totaling 291 film and television appearances. In 1984 he got his most important role, that of Dr. Silberman in the sci-fi saga “Terminator” by director James Cameronstarring Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-101, a time-travelling cyborg assassin. Boen reprized the role in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991) and “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” (2003).

A memorable scene from the first “Terminator” has Silberman (Boen) interrogating Sergeant Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn), a future freedom fighter who the psychologist believed suffered from paranoid delusions.

Boen’s other film credits include: Alan Johnson’s ‘To Be or Not to Be’ (1983), Robert Mandel’s ‘A Touch of Velvet’ (1986), Melvin’s ‘The Dog Life’ (1987) Frank, “I Married an Alien” (1988) by Richard Benjamin (1988), “Programmed to Kill” (1990) by Dwight H. Little (1990), “The Dentist” (1996) by Brian Yuzna (1996), “The Nut Professor’s Family” (2000) by Peter Segal. As for television, he has participated in series “The streets of San Francisco”, “The Jeffersons”, “Hazzard”, “Murder, She Wrote, Murder, She Wrote”, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “Chimp of. .. family”, “West Wing – All the President’s Men”.

After retiring from acting in 2003, Earl Boen continued to work as a voice actor in radio, animated series and video games, also voicing the pirate LeChuck in the Monkey Island series.