Earthquake in Calabria, 5.1 magnitude shock in the province of Cosenza

Registered by Ingv at 22.42 in Cosentino, but warned throughout the region. From the first checks “there are no damages”

Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 in the evening today on the north-western Calabrian coast, in the Cosentino area. According to Ingv, the quake was felt at 22.42 at a depth of 286 km and was located by the INGV-Rome Seismic Room. The localities on the coast closest to the epicenter are San Nicola Arcella and Praia a Mare in the province of Cosenza, about 7 km away. From the first checks carried out, “on the territory there are no damages”, explains the Civil Protection on Twitter.

The shock was distinctly felt by the population not only in Cosentino, but throughout Calabria. In fact, reports also come from Catanzaro, Vibonese and Crotone, from the plain of Gioia Tauro and Reggio Calabria. At the moment, no requests for help or reports of damage to the fire brigade operations room have been received.

“A 5.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 10:42 pm off the northern Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. Fortunately, the earthquake occurred at a very high depth, about 286 km, this meant that the effects on the surface were attenuated.. High depth and magnitude meant that the earthquake was felt in a good part of the region “, according to the Calabria Civil Protection on Facebook,

“At the moment no damage has been reported to the regional Operations Room which continues to monitor the situation in contact with the mayors of the municipalities closest to the epicentral area”.