Earthquake Syria, little Aya adopted by her uncle: she was born under the rubble

The baby was found still tied by her dead mother’s umbilical cord. Now she is fine, her name is Afraa like her mother and she has found a new family

Little Aya was adopted by her uncle, the girl born under the rubble of a building that collapsed in Syria following the devastating earthquake last February. Thousands of people had offered to adopt the newborn, who was still tied to her mother by her umbilical cord when she was rescued in Jindires, an opposition-controlled city in Idlib province, near the Turkish border.

The little girl was discharged from the hospital in good health and was adopted after a DNA test which confirmed the relationship. The child is now named after her late mother Afraa. Shortly after she was rescued, officials named her Aya, which means miracle in Arabic. “She’s one of my children now, I won’t make any difference between her and them” said her uncle Khalil al-Sawadi who welcomed her with joy, emphasizing how the little girl means so much to them because “there is no one left of the family to she leaves”.

The video of his rescue went viral on social media. In the images of her a man could be seen walking away from the debris as he carried her in his arms covered in dust. Reportedly, she had been under the collapsed building for more than 10 hours in the quake that buried her mother and her entire family.