Earthquake Turkey, Meloni: “Proximity to affected populations”

Premier follows developments: “From civil protection willingness to contribute to first aid”

The President of the Council Giorgia Meloni constantly follows, updated by the Civil Protection department, the developments of the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey, on the border with Syria. It expresses closeness and solidarity with the affected populations. The Italian Civil Protection has already provided its availability to contribute to first aid. This is what we read in a note from Palazzo Chigi.

“I am close to the Turkish people hit by a violent earthquake that caused many victims. Italy’s help will not be lacking. The Foreign Ministry is contacting all Italians who live in the region affected by the earthquake”, the minister wrote on Twitter of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani who in a subsequent tweet added: “I just spoke with the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to express to him Italy’s closeness and to make our civil protection available”.

“We are working to provide the availability of our teams with the National Fire Brigade to intervene. We have, activated by the European mechanism, given our availability. We are waiting to see if these teams are accepted. The mechanism works like this: there is the requesting country, in this case Turkey. Other countries that deliver, including Italy. And then Turkey will decide, depending on proximity and other parameters, who to accept”. As Fabrizio Curcio, head of the civil protection department on ‘Rai Radio1’ within the Special ‘Gr1’ dedicated to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

“The teams are variable, we try to characterize them on the basis of requests and places. It is very specialized personnel on search and rescue,” she concluded.