Easter 2023, Briatore stuck in traffic: the outburst on social media – Video

The entrepreneur argues over the long queue in the Ventimiglia area: “What are we going to do this summer”

Flavio Briatore gets stuck on the highway and vents on social media. “It’s always like this, we pay and nobody does anything. We’re used to it by now. But what will we do this summer?”, he says in the video posted on Instagram, showing the long Easter queue on the A10 Ligurian motorway that leads to Ventimiglia and France “Good morning, happy Easter everyone. Where am I? Here, with a nice Easter tail. It’s amazing we never get this highway fixed. Here we are on the motorway near Ventimiglia, there is a queue of 25-28 minutes, surely there will be more. It’s Easter, right, but what are we going to do this summer? This summer the whole area to go to Genoa, all that area there will be blocked. Nobody says anything, we all pay the ticket, we are all happy”.

Some comments from the followers are ironic: “Poor man, he has to get to his villa in Montecarlo, why didn’t he take the helicopter?” Someone writes. While others approve of the outburst, highlighting how “the Genoa-Ventimiglia section has always had this problem every day”