Easter 2023, Pope presides mass in St. Peter’s: 45 thousand faithful in the square

Mattarella’s best wishes to the Pope: “His appeals call those who govern to dialogue”

The Pope presides over the Easter Mass in the churchyard of the Vatican Basilica. Roman faithful and pilgrims from all over the world take part in the celebration, which begins with the “Resurrexit” rite. According to the Vatican, 45,000 people are present.


Greetings message from the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to Pope Francis. “Holy Easter offers me the very welcome opportunity to offer Your Holiness the most fervent wishes from the Italian Republic and from myself – writes Mattarella in the message – In the face of the continuation of the brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine and the crisis scenarios that trouble various areas of the world, your repeated appeals for harmony among peoples call everyone, starting with those with government responsibilities, to the demands of that bond of brotherhood which prepares us for dialogue and mutual understanding”.
The head of state hopes “therefore, that the Easter holidays will allow us to deepen the reflection begun sixty years ago by Saint John XXIII with the Encyclical Letter “on peace among all peoples founded on truth, justice, love, freedom “: in fact, the contribution of all men and women of good will is more necessary than ever in the implementation of the common good, to provide an answer to the yearning for peace felt by humanity. In this spirit, I renew you, Holy Father, sincere and warm wishes for Easter, together with my cordial congratulations on the now imminent anniversary of Saint George”