Easter, Altroconsumo: “Up to +316% more for flights”

Traveling 15 days before the holiday, the cost of a family of four is equivalent to that of a single person during the Easter period

The beginning of spring has given way to the desire to leave for many Italians who, before the summer break, will take advantage of the long Easter weekend to travel. In this regard, Altroconsumo compared the prices of the cheapest airline tickets purchased online for some Italian and foreign routes, including Milan – Palermo and Milan – Paris. The survey shows that the 3 cheapest airlines to go to and from Milan to Palermo are Ryanair (336.05 euros), with a percentage change compared to the cost in a non-holiday period of 316%, EasyJet (428.96 euros ), with a variation of 198% and Ita Airways (374.83 euros) with 140%; in fact, by booking your flight during the Easter period, you get to spend almost an average of 380 euros per person. In practice, traveling 15 days before Easter, the cost of a family of four is equivalent to the cost of a single person during the Easter period.

Also for the Milan – Paris section, the survey was carried out in two moments, on 10 and 24 March, to verify the possibility of saving by bringing forward the time of booking. Also in this case, the cheapest flights detected on 10 March for the weekend from 23/03 to 28/03 were selected and compared with the same flights of the same airlines during the Easter period. In this case, the average difference between the three cheapest flights (Ryanair, AirFrance and Easyjet) in the non-holiday period and the Easter one is 291 euros, equal to 120 euros more.

Leaving instead on the weekend of 26/03, i.e. 15 days before Easter, and spending the same days of vacation, the difference in the cost of the flight is decidedly high, you would spend between 100 and 167 euros per person for the return flight return with hand luggage, while in the Easter period from 227 to 344 euros, with a percentage variation of up to 129%.

But which are the companies preferred by travellers? Altroconsumo created, through an online questionnaire, a ranking of satisfaction, involving not only Italy, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Thailand. A total of 11,880 people, of which almost 2,500 in Italy alone, who by participating in the survey made it possible to draw up a ranking of airlines.

The companies were evaluated for convenience, ticket price, punctuality and airport check-in service. The first in the standings, according to the opinion of users, is the Luxembourg-based Luxair, followed by Emirates and Qatar Airways. In the top five of the ranking of the most popular airlines, the only Italian one is Neos. The national airline Ita Airways, formerly Alitalia, remains in the middle of the table obtaining a good overall rating, higher than that of historical rivals such as Easyjet and Ryanair.

The survey also shows that 1 in 5 travelers have been affected by flight delays. In 50% of cases the delay was more than an hour, in 1 out of 4 cases the flight was more than 2 hours late while 6% of passengers had their trip cancelled. Emirates has the lowest percentage of flights delayed over an hour. 80% of passengers did not complain about delays, 70% about denied boarding, 44% about flight cancellations and 41% about problems with baggage. Among those who have tried to retaliate, however, it emerges that the reimbursements for the disservices suffered unfortunately often remain on paper. 77% of those who complained about denied boarding did not receive any compensation, the same for 71% of those who complained about baggage problems, cancellations (64%) and delays (56%).