Easter and Easter Monday weekend weather forecast

Temperatures down

Easter weekend and Easter Monday, what awaits us from the point of view of the weather? After reaching peaks of 28-29 ° C in the shade with typical May temperatures, in 24 hours we will slip below the average of the period as regards temperatures, it will seem to be back in March. For tomorrow, Sunday 17 April (Easter), temperatures are expected to be around 15-17 ° C from North to South.

In detail, here are the weather forecasts to plan trips, Easter lunches and Easter Monday barbecues, or rather the ‘Easter Monday’ (Easter Monday). In the next few hours a very fast cold front, coming from Finland, will keep cloudy skies in the Center-North with thunderstorms more likely from the Triveneto towards Lombardy and in the evening also over Lower Lazio; in the meantime, a Libyan cyclone, also associated with thunderstorms on the Sahara, will cause a partial worsening between Sicily and Calabria with some rain.

Easter definitely colder then. Everywhere we will see a thermal ‘meltdown’, even of 10 ° C compared to today, still rather hot. The morning sky will be overcast in the South and cloudy also over Piedmont and part of the Center, then it will improve rapidly in the Center-North with mostly sunny conditions but, as mentioned, cool and windy.

From the point of view of the expected rains for Easter, here is our forecast: until the morning some showers in the south and, residual, between Lower Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise; from the time of Easter lunch onwards bad weather towards Sicily and Lower Calabria, with rain showers scattered over the rest of the south, dry in the Center-North.

On Easter Monday the sky will be mostly sunny, but with some scattered clouds from the Alps to Trinacria. In particular, an overcast sky is expected with residual showers over Sicily and lower Calabria until morning, then the weather will improve everywhere; some ‘wads of steam’ may appear between the Triveneto and Umbria and the Lower Tyrrhenian.

Wind chapter – from this evening we expect a significant increase in the ‘anemometric’ intensity, that is of the wind, on the Adriatic belt with the arrival of the Bora and the Grecale. Unfortunately the ‘cold’ winds from the North-East will continue to disturb not only the Adriatic belt tomorrow but the whole of the Center-South: the advice is to have lunch indoors, despite the summer-like thermal flavor of the last few days. Also for Easter Monday,

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of iLMeteo.it suggests paying attention to the wind from Abruzzo to Sicily, with an interest in the Lazio and Campania coasts from late morning. Local gusts of Mistral wind could rekindle the embers and suddenly disturb picnics.

Today Saturday 16 April – In the north: sunny, from the afternoon scattered thunderstorms with hail, more likely on Triveneto and Lombardy. Middle: partially rising clouds with isolated possible showers by evening on Lazio. In the south: scattered clouds, some rain between Sicily and Calabria.

Sunday 17 April (Easter) – In the north: sunny. Center: sunny but with strong winds from the north-east. In the south: unstable with scattered rains, more likely and intense on Calabria and Sicily; windy and colder.

Monday 18 April (Easter Monday) – In the north: sunny. Center: sunny, residual clouds between Abruzzo and Molise. In the south: variable until early morning with local rain showers then improving but locally windy.

Trend: from Wednesday 20 worsening weather due to the arrival of a cyclone from the west, the trajectory of the perturbation still to be defined.