Eastern Rome ‘kingdom’ of prostitutes and trans: “We are in disarray”

Citizens’ videos document the unsustainable situation day and night

“It is enough to see day and night in many areas of Rome, from east to west, women and trans prostitutes in the streets before everyone’s eyes, under the windows of buildings, in front of children and families. Violence and fires complete the picture Everyone knows and sees, but no one intervenes. The League, which has already written a note to the competent authorities, asks for a decisive crackdown, an intervention by the prefect and the police headquarters to put an end to the shameful situation that grips many areas of the city, but in in particular Municipality V, to whose leaders the situation in Viale Franco Angeli has already been highlighted for some time”. The leader of the League in the Capitol Fabrizio Santori declared this in a note.

“The territory must be more monitored, with cameras and more police forces. It is impossible to see people who, even in broad daylight, are reduced to carrying cardboard shacks, mattresses, or setting up tents on the side of the roads and lighting fires without anyone doing nothing to prevent it. The videos of the citizens tell of a quadrant in disarray and now out of control. The entire area is unsafe, there is also a high risk of fires which could endanger dozens of residents, while the fact that it contests thus degraded and abandoned, they could also be a hiding place for possible terrorists. Rome is tired. Enough illegality, enough abuse and exploitation, no to squalor elevated to a model: a rapid and effective plan must be prepared soon for the restoration of the necessary conditions of security, decorum and legality in all the most sensitive areas of the capital”, concludes Santori.