Ecodays for Nature and the Environment, the third edition from 9 to 11 June in the Sila Park

Two conferences are scheduled, the inauguration of a cycle path and the launch of an info point

Two conferences, the inauguration of a cycle path and the launch of an infopoint: an intense program for the third edition of ‘Ecodays for Nature and the Environment’organized by the Pro Loco d’Italia National Union – Parks and Environment Department, which after Novara (2021) and Pescasseroli (L’Aquila, 2022) will take place from 9 to 11 June, in the Sila National Park and in particular in the Municipality of Taverna (CZ).

A three-day event full of events during which the numerous initiatives launched by the Pro Loco to protect the environment and nature will be reviewed. “I feel particularly honored to be able to welcome the Unpli which has chosen the territory of the Sila National Park and the Unesco Mab-Sila Biosphere Reserve for the Ecodays. It will be three days of intense confrontation between institutions that focus on the protection and enhancement of the historical, tourist and cultural heritage: themes very dear to us”, he underlined Francesco Curcio, president of the Sila National Park. “The 6300 Italian Pro Loco are also at the forefront in safeguarding the environment, over 500 who manage naturalistic sites and sites of environmental interest – underlined the president of Unpli, Antonino La Spina – A profuse commitment throughout the peninsula and also declined in protected areas, with a model of enhancement of the environmental heritage that often sees the Pro Loco volunteers and nature guides together”.

In the busy calendar of initiatives, two appointments stand out: the inauguration of the cycle path of the Mancuso Village (on 10 June at 3 pm), created by the Sila Park Authority with funding from the Calabria Region, and the delivery to the Pro Loco of Taverna Villaggio Mancuso ‘ of the Infopoint ‘Casa dell’escursionista’ in the Racise Village (11 June at 10.30). Among the events and appointments scheduled there is also a philatelic cancellation and the planting of trees.

“The ‘green’ synergistic action of EcoDays Unpli continues. It continues with the strength and magic of a unique territory like that of Silano”, said Stefano Raso Head of the Parks and Environment department of Unpli. For Filippo Capellupo, president of Unpli Calabria, “over the three days of work, the program with our Pro Loco will be varied and qualified. The appointment is precious and finally contributes to the relaunch of the image of our mountains”.

“The EcoDays event allows us to compare ourselves with other stakeholders on cycle tourism, slow mobility, Parks Cycleway and good practices. All this through the analysis of the prospects for improvement and development and thanks to the strengthening of the collaboration between the Park and the MaB area, the Proloco and the official guides of the park”, added the director of the Ente Parco della Sila, Ilario Treccosti. “It is a great event which, after Piedmont and Abruzzo, will take place in the Sila mountains. Confirming the increasingly intense relationship of the Pro Loco with the managers of the Calabrian protected areas”, remarked Domenico Cerminara, member of the Parks and Environment Department of Unpli.

Among the scheduled activities, two moments of discussion on topics such as ‘slow mobility’ and ‘cycling tourism’ which will take place in Taverna in the theater of the ‘A. Garcea’ of the Carabinieri Biodiversity Department of Catanzaro: on 9 June, from 3.30 pm, the round table ‘Slow mobility compared with good practices, the Proloco compared with the institutions and associations – analysis of the context, prospects for improvement and development, proposals and solutions’; on 10 June, from 10 am, the conference ‘Cycling tourism in the Sila National Park, a new reality of compatible development of green tourism in protected areas’ is scheduled.