Ecoforum: Circular economy and green jobs are the themes of the new Ipsos survey

Italy is at the center of an increasingly heated debate on the importance of the circular economy and green jobs in tackling the climate crisis. According to a recent Ipsos survey, presented on the occasion of the 10th edition of Ecoforum: Circular economy works in progress, organized by Legambiente, La Nuova Ecologia and Kyoto Club, in 2023 45% of the population knows the circular economy, recording an increase of 5 % compared to 2018, while 60% believe in the growth of green jobs, with an increase of 12% compared to 2022. However, 43% of the interviewees do not consider it credible that Italy is the European leader in recycling. And yet, numbers in hand, that’s exactly how it is. As explained by the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, “In Europe, we are at the top of the class. Italy is able to teach recycling”. The experience of CONOU, which regenerates 98% of used mineral oil, demonstrates not only that the circular economy is not a utopia, but also that it is a lever capable of bringing concrete benefits: in 2022 alone, thanks to the work of the CONOU companies, the emission into the atmosphere of 64,000 tons of CO2 and a series of innumerable pollutants was avoided, but 130 million euros of crude oil imports were also saved. “Italy’s excellence in the circular economy is not the result of individual work, it is the result of a collective system. The used oil mining consortium is an excellence” said Riccardo Piunti, President of CONOU. “In Europe, 40% of used mineral oil is burned, such a precious resource destroyed just to make heat, this does not happen in Italy. In Italy all mineral oil is regenerated and given new life”.