Ecological transition, 1.8 million new trees in 11 cities

The objective defined by the European road map for 2022 relating to the ‘Protection and enhancement of urban and extra-urban greenery’ measure of the Pnrr was achieved within the deadlines

Green light for the planting of over one million and 800 thousand trees in eleven Italian cities: the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security has reached the objective defined by the European road map for 2022 relating to the measure ‘Protection and valorisation of urban and extra-urban greenery’, exceeding the expected target with an investment that currently involves the metropolitan cities of Turin, Genoa, Venice, Rome, Naples, Bari, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Messina, Catania and Cagliari.

The types of species sown or planted, according to specific ecological criteria of sustainability, are 110, of which 55 trees and 55 shrubs. “It is a large public investment that aims to preserve and strengthen biodiversity, reduce air pollution and improve air quality – said Minister Gilberto Pichetto – It is about a fundamental step to reach the final goal of planting at least six million six hundred thousand trees in 14 metropolitan cities by 2026, covering a total of 1,268 Municipalities, equal to 15.47% of the national territory, where more than 21 million people live. As Mase and as a government we are working hard to achieve all the goals of the second half of 2022, to be able to present the third payment request in Brussels by the end of next December. We are on the finishing straight.”

More specifically, the planting of the trees took place on the basis of the urban and extra-urban forestation plan, which represents the tool for allowing the implementing entities, i.e. the metropolitan cities, to follow a common methodology based on solid scientific references, so to identify and plant the tree species most consistent with the specific biogeographical and ecological characteristics of the various territories involved. The achievement of the objective is made possible by the work of the metropolitan cities concerned, which presented the projects to Mase and implemented the planting, and thanks to the collaboration of CUFA – Arma dei Carabinieri, Command of environmental forestry and agri-food units which provided more than two million seeds.