Ecomafia 2022: in 2021 over 30 thousand crimes, almost 84 per day

Legambiente report, turnover of 8.8 billion euros

In 2021, crimes against the environment will not go under the wall of 30,000 offenses (30,590 ascertained), recording an average of almost 84 crimes per day, about 3.5 every hour. A figure that continues to remain high, despite the slight decrease of 12.3% compared to 2020, while arrests are growing, reaching 368, +11.9% compared to 2020. The new Ecomafia 2022 reportcreated by Legambiente with the support of Novamont and published by Edizioni Ambiente.

I’m 59,268 administrative offenses contested, with an average of 162 per day, 6.7 per hour. Added to environmental crimes, there are about 10 violations of environmental protection regulations every hour. A weigh instrument of the corruption: 115 investigations surveyed from 16 September 2021 to 31 July 2022, with 664 people arrested, 709 people reported and 199 kidnappings. “Data that translate on the one hand into unsustainable wounds for the environment, the protection of which since last February 22 has become one of the fundamental principles of the Italian Constitution, and on the other into a golden booty for the eco-mafiosi who in 2021 have turnover 8.8 billion euros”, remarks the association.

According to the report, Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily are the four regions that suffer the greatest impact of eco-crime and corruption: 43.8% of the crimes ascertained by the police and by the port authorities are concentrated here, 33. 2% of administrative offenses and 51.3% of environmental corruption investigations out of the national total. Among the northern regions, Lombardy is confirmed as the one with the highest number of environmental offenses (1,821 crimes, equal to 6% of the national total and 33 arrests); the crimes ascertained in Liguria are growing, 1,228, which climbs five positions, reaching ninth place. At the provincial level, Rome, with 1,196 environmental offences, undermines Naples (1,058) from the first position in 2021, which is also exceeded by that of Cosenza (1,060). In 2021 – continues Legambiente – the police enforced crimes against the environment 878 times (law 68/2015); 292 assets were seized for a total value of over 227 million euros. The most contested crime of all is that of environmental pollutionwith 445 criminal proceedings, but the highest number of pre-trial detention orders was triggered for the organized activity of illicit waste trafficking, with 497 orders.