Ecomafia 2023: in 2022 30,686 illegal acts, 84 crimes a day

From illegal cement to the waste cycle: the numbers in the Legambiente dossier

In 2022, crimes against the environment remain firmly above the threshold of 30,000, exactly 30,686, slightly up on 2021 (+0.3%), at an average of 84 crimes per day, 3.5 every hour. Administrative offenses are also growing, reaching 67,030 (with an increase of +13.1% on 2021). Adding up these two items, crimes and administrative offences, the violations of the rules aimed at protecting the environment are close to 100 thousand (97,716 those contested, at an average of 268 per day, 11 per hour). The new relationship is the point Ecomafia 2023, created by Legambientepublished by Edizioni Ambiente, media partner Nuova Ecologia.

Illegal cement cycle, crimes against wildlife and the waste cycle are the three main supply chains on which the highest number of offenses was recorded in 2022.

ILLEGAL CEMENT – Those relating to illegal cement dominate (from illegal building to tenders) which amount to 12,216, equal to 39.8% of the total, with a growth of 28.7% compared to 2021. They grow by 26 .5% of people reported (12,430), of 97% the pre-trial detention orders, which were 65, even of 298.5% the value of the seizures and administrative sanctions, for over 211 million euros. The illegal building business is also estimated to grow from 1.8 to 2 billion euros.

CRIMES AGAINST WILDLIFE – Crimes against wildlife follow with 6,481 criminal offenses (+4.3% compared to 2021) and 5,486 people reported (+7.6%).

ILLEGAL WASTE CYCLE – The illegal waste cycle falls to third place with a reduction in both the number of criminal offences, 5,606 (-33.8%), and the number of people reported (6,087, -41%), but investigations are increasing in which the organized activity of illicit waste trafficking is contested (268 against 151 in 2021). Administrative offenses also increased (10,591, +21.4%) and, to a slightly lesser extent, penalties, which amounted to 10,358, equal to +16.2%.

FIRES – In fourth place, after the terrible 2021, are crimes related to intentional, negligent and generic fires (5,207, with a reduction of -3.3%). Controls, people reported (768, an average of over two a day, +16.7%) and kidnappings (122, with +14%) are on the increase.

A separate chapter is dedicated to the analysis of the activities of law enforcement agencies and port authorities in the agri-food sector, which led to the ascertainment of 41,305 crimes and administrative offences. On the front archaeomafiathere are 404 art thefts in 2022. Finally, it is the environmental corruption (surveyed by Legambiente from 1 August 2022 to 30 April 2023 58 investigations into corruption phenomena connected to activities with an environmental impact), the number and weight of Municipalities dissolved for mafia (22 those analyzed in the Report, to which was added the very recent dissolution of that of Rende, in the province of Cosenza), and the growth of mafia clans: from 1994 to today there are 375 those registered by Legambiente. The illegal turnover of the various ‘chains’ analyzed in the Report remains stable at 8.8 billion euros.