Economist crowns Draghi: “Italy is the country of the year”

“Competent and respected Premier”

Italy Country of the year 2021 thanks to Mario Draghi. The ‘honor’ is recognized by the Economist, who defines the premier “competent and respected internationally … best wishes!“Italy, explains the Economist, is not the country of the year for its successes in European football or for its pop stars in Eurovision, but it is” for its politics “.” With Mario Draghi, it has acquired a competent, internationally respected prime minister. For once – writes the weekly – a large majority of its politicians have buried their differences to support a program of in-depth reforms, which will lead Italy to have the funds it deserves in the EU recovery plan “.

Italy’s Covid vaccination rate – we still read – is among the highest in Europe. And after a difficult 2020, its economy is recovering faster than in France or Germany. There is a danger that this unusual good governance may be reversible. Draghi wants to become president, a more ceremonial role, and a less competent prime minister may succeed him. But it is difficult to deny that Italy is a better place than in December 2020 “.” This is our country of the year “, writes the Economist, concluding with an” auguroni! “In Italian.

The Economist had earlier recalled that he had often criticized Italy “for the choice of leaders, such as Silvio Berlusconi (whom he had defined as ‘unfit’ in previous years, ed), who may have usefully followed the warning of the winning song of the Eurovision to stay ‘quiet and good’. Due to weak governance, Italians were poorer in 2019 than they were in 2000. However this year Italy has changed “.