Economy of the Sea, Rampelli: “The difference on the SalvaMare provision will be seen in the next budget law”

“We have not yet made a real budget law, because the one we approved on 30 December was the tail end of the previous legislature and was heavily compromised by the energy crisis. In our first real budget law, the difference will also be seen with regard to measures on SalvaMare. We don’t want to overlook anything of that widespread economy that revolves around the Italian peninsula. I think that it has finally been discovered that the sea is not only beautiful and wonderful but it is a source of extraordinary wealth if you manage to organize it and make it usable, accessible to all those realities that can invest in the sea, on the coasts or for example in sports.We intend to pay close attention to these 8000 km of coast that make our peninsula inimitable: in addition to being able to protect it from an urban point of view and landscaping, a great job must also be done to boost the economy of the sea.We are working hard enough to try to work on this front. The municipalities are the first point of observation, sensors with respect to everything related to the sea, irreplaceable for signaling the issues to the superordinate bodies, with regions in the lead. On our 8000 km of coastline there are various players and we must remember that we cannot intervene ex post by fixing something that does not work with some patch: we must be systematic and finally plan a correct relationship between the State, its articulations and the sea. ” Said the deputy of Fratelli d’Italia and vice president of the Chamber of Deputies Fabio Rampelli, on the sidelines of the 2nd national summit on the economy of the sea – Blue Forum in Gaeta”.