Ecovacs, T20 Omni, smarter and cleaning with hot water

T20 Omini represents the top of the range also in terms of price, to have it at home you have to shell out almost 1100 euros.

As for the design it is the same as all Ecovacs models, this time the dress is white and silver. In the upper part we have the laser to map the house in 360 degrees. While the sensor for object recognition is placed in front.

In the lower part another novelty, the central brush this time is in rubber. More hygienic and easier to clean. But the innovations don’t end there. The two rotating mops, when they meet carpets or a carpet, get up so as not to wet them. Then thanks to the new algorithm it is more precise in cleaning the corners. T20 Omni is very powerful, it vacuums at 6000 pa and the mops spin at 180 rpm.

In our test vacuuming and cleaning went very well. If there are many nearby crumbs, these are shot away but if you use the double pass mode it is easy for the robot not to let us find residues on the floor.

An integral part of the T20 Omni is the base, where we find the clean and dirty water tanks and the dust collection bag. It is the robot’s home, where it recharges and where the mops are cleaned.

With the Ecovacs home App you can manage all the settings of the T20 Omni. Check the mapping of the house, establish for example which rooms to clean, decide how many times to start the robot and what power intensity to use. And of course remote control our cleaning friend. Do not miss the dedicated voice assistant Yiko, precise and functional.

Pros and Cons of Ecovacs T20 Omni


  • Powerful
  • More sanitized cloths
  • Easy to use


  • No video control
  • Price