Ed Sheeran announces live album recorded in fans’ living rooms

To surprises, Ed Sheeran he got used to it. The last one, however, is truly unexpected. The Halifax singer-songwriter recorded the songs of Autumn Variations – his new album out on September 29th – in the living room of some fans.

A “homemade” album

“So I did some surprise concerts in fans’ homessecretly recording a live version of Autumn Variations” explained Ed Sheeran, documenting a moment of the recording on Instagram. “Each song was recorded in a different living room, but it was all a surprise.” The video shows him at the home of Kari Conaway, one of his lucky admirers, intent to play the piano. “We arrived at Kari’s house at the end of the day and I immediately knew it was going to be fun. They had cats, friendship bracelets and some fruit drinks.” Finished recording the song from Autumn Variations, the singer-songwriter asked the girl to take him for a tour of the house. Kari asked him to play something on the piano, and he sang hers Wake Me Up. The live album Autumn Variations will be out soon. Meanwhile, the studio-recorded version of the album will debut on September 29th.

Ed Sheeran’s surprises to his fans

Several times during his career, Ed Sheeran has surprised his fans (who are millions, and live in every corner of the globe). Last September 9th, i newlyweds Jordan Russell and Carter Linden they saw him enter the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, where they were celebrating their wedding. Guitar in hand and group of choristers in tow, Ed surprisingly performed in front of them with the unreleased Magicaladapted from Autumn Variations. In May, you instead gave a magical moment to the little students of the Middleton and Blake High School. Showing up unexpectedly at the institute, she rang Eyes Closedthe first single from his album “-“ (Sustract). And what about when she took on the role of the clerk at the Lego Store at the Mall of America? Ed Sheeran, after all, is also loved so much for this: for remaining a simple boy, who loves people, and who gets along with people. Knowing that his music can make a difference, even if just for a brief moment.