Ed Sheeran – Beyond Music, trailer for the docuseries about the singer-songwriter he wants to inspire


The official trailer is out Beyond music (in original The Sum of It All), the highly anticipated docuseries arriving in May on Disney + which chronicles the life and career of the famous British singer Ed Sheeran. Divided into four parts, it will be released on May 3, 2023, almost perfectly coinciding with the distribution of the artist’s new album, Subtracthis sixth studio album which will be available starting May 5th (with the first single Eyes Closed arriving March 24).

Beyond music is produced by Disney Branded Television and Fulwell 73 Productions with a single goal: to show what Ed Sheeran’s path was that allowed him to achieve such a resounding global success.

Retracing the path that was taken by this musician is not only a way to praise him, but is proposed above all as an example, an exhortation and also a consolation for all young people who feel annihilated by some limitation that causes them to get lost of mind.

Beyond music in fact, it will show how Ed Sheeran managed to achieve enormous success by overcoming “obstacles” such as the stutter that characterized him when he was a child. We define stuttering as an “obstacle” since the path of this artist was then that of the songwriter, so if you want to sing, stuttering turns out to be a hindrance.
But this docuseries will make it clear how even an obstacle universally recognized as such, namely the tragedy of the loss of a loved one, can somehow be metabolized to transform the unspeakable pain into a spring that can make us act, exactly as happened to Sheeran .

You can watch the trailer of the docuseries Beyond music in the video that you find above, at the head of this article.

Ed Sheeran: “The time has come to open the doors of my private life by showing it to the public”

The English singer-songwriter is very reserved, not inclined to share his private life.
“I’ve always been very attentive to my private life, and the only documentary I’ve made so far has focused on my side of life as a songwriter,” Ed Sheraan said in a recent release for the promotion of Beyond music. “When Disney approached me for this project, I thought it was time to open the doors of my private life by showing it to the public,” added the artist.

“We want to give Ed Sheeran fans something they never got to see,” said Ayo Davis, president of Disney Branded Television. “We have created a documentary that is both entertaining and inspiring.”

It starts from the childhood of the British star

The four parts of the docuseries will be titled “Love”, “Loss”, “Equilibrium” and “Life”.
Beyond music will start from Ed Sheeran’s childhood, showing him as a child struggling with a stutter. This issue didn’t get in the way of him pursuing his dream: Sheeran worked hard to achieve his goals, and in the end he did it.
The intimate look at the life of this famous musician at all latitudes will allow the public to get even closer to their favorite, learning from him an example of resilience, passion and courage to treasure.

“A documentary capable of entertaining but also inspiring”, as I rightly defined the president of Disney Branded Television Ayo Davis.

You can watch the trailer of the docuseries Beyond music in the video at the top of this article.