Ed Sheeran, special event only on Pokemon Go

Niantic has announced a new event on Pokemon Go made in collaboration with Ed Sheeran. Starting November 22, coaches of the hit game will be able to see Ed Sheeran’s performances in the news.

Ed Sheeran on Pokemon Go

From 8pm on November 22nd until 10pm on November 30th, players will be able to attend a performance by the artist within the game, as well as obtaining various bonuses and capturing Water-type starter Pokémon of various Pokémon generations. You can follow the performance in the News section of the game and later the concert will be reproducible on demand. For the occasion Sheeran will sing some songs taken from “=”, his new album. The lineup also includes famous songs such as “Perfect”, “Bad Habits”, “Overpass Graffiti”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “First Times” and “Shivers”. However, this is not the only novelty. Since Ed Sheeran loves Water-type Pokémon very much, to celebrate the collaboration there will be an event thanks to which Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawoot, Froakie and Squirtle with glasses on their own they will appear more often in the wild. The latter will also be available by completing the research activities in the field. Also from 22 November in Pokémon GO store it will be possible to find a sweatshirt with the = symbol that can be redeemed for free with the following code: VVM87WGMMUZHTB8X. Also will be available a free event pack containing a Lure Module, 20 Pokéballs, 10 Mapon Berry and 10 Pineapple Berry. This is the first time Pokémon Go has created a musical event with a real person. At the beginning of 2021 Niantic had promoted a festival to present the Pokémon singer Meloetta: that day the company achieved record earnings, surpassed only by the Kanto Tour held in the first half of the year.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John together for Christmas

But this isn’t the only news that will make Ed Sheeran fans happy. The singer-songwriter has published an image on social media along with Elton John, both in a Christmas version. A shot that seems to herald a collaboration for a song dedicated to the holidays. “Coming soon” wrote Sheeran only, but the conditions for one new Christmas song there are all. In the shot Ed Sheeran is wearing a short Santa suit, which leaves his legs bare, and white moonboots and is standing next to Elton John sitting at the piano. Sir Elton wears a green Gucci jumpsuit with a red scarf and silver shoes. “Sensazione di festa” commented only the 74-year-old artist.