Edison joins the Venice Foundation as the World Capital of Sustainability

As a co-founder

Edison becomes a co-founder of the Venice Sustainability Foundation (Fvcms/Vsf) for the three-year period 2023-24-25. The collaboration between Edison and Fvcms is based, reads a joint note, “on sharing the long-term mission of creating an integrated economic and social model of sustainable development for the city of Venice and its metropolitan area, with throughout the Veneto Region, which can give further impetus to the local socio-economic fabric through the attraction of activities compatible with the territory, while ensuring the protection and conservation of the environmental and socio-cultural heritage, as well as the well-being of the local community”.

With his entry as a co-founding partner, Edison will make its skills and know-how available to Fvcms in the field of energy and environmental transition, urban regeneration and smart cities, the hydrogen sector and innovation.

Energy and environmental transition: as part of the interventions to protect the lagoon system, following an analysis of operating procedures, 34 best practices were identified for the management of environmental aspects linked to biodiversity and ecosystems, active in the Marghera construction sites and plants (for example, elimination of contamination using biodegradable substances and post-operam biodiversity restoration).

City Campus: possibility of indicating professional skills and supplying one’s own skills, also in terms of mobility projects and building efficiency.

Hydrogen: feasibility study for the use of hydrogen to replace a portion of natural gas as fuel for the new Edison plant in Porto Marghera.

Innovation: Edison participates in the Hydrogen Park consortium which applies the European Strategy for Hydrogen in the Veneto region and will be able to speed up this process. Furthermore, it has made its expertise available to the Venice Biennale and the city of Venice by carrying out an energy efficiency project at the Corderie dell’Arsenale.

“We are convinced that Edison’s contribution is a further step forward towards the development of the sustainability projects that we have in mind with the Fvcms. We want to develop a model of ‘urban sustainability‘, which integrates environment, socio-economics, culture and territory. Edison’s contribution, as already demonstrated throughout history, is close to the Veneto and Venice. We are happy that this company, a staple of the national economy, has become part of our partnership by sharing its objectives”, comments the president of the Renato Brunetta Foundation.

“We are honored to be able to make a concrete contribution to the development of Fvcms projects – declares Nicola Monti, CEO of Edison – We will make our experience available to Fvcms, to promote sustainable development in an area of ​​which Edison feels an integral part and to which over the years has generated shared value with the local community. We are present in the metropolitan city of Venice with multiple activities and management of energy services that contribute to the development of the area and the well-being of the people who live there”.

Edison participates in the economic and social life of Veneto region and is present in the area with all its main activities, from the production of electricity to the sale to households, businesses and the area of ​​electricity and gas and energy and environmental services. It is engaged in the construction of the most efficient thermoelectric plant in Europe (Centrale di Marghera Levante) which will have an energy yield of 63% with a reduction in specific CO2 emissions of 40% compared to the average of the current Italian thermoelectric plants and those of nitrogen oxides (NOX) by more than 70%.

Through Edison Next, Edison also accompanies companies, the tertiary sector and the Public Administration in their process of decarbonization and ecological transition with innovative solutions for the sustainable management of resources and was recently awarded the lighting and energy redevelopment service of the system assets of the Municipality of Venice, of which it manages the public lighting service, and interventions for the implementation of smart services city. Furthermore, it provides solutions for electric sustainable mobility as well as for methane and liquefied natural gas transport.