Edoardo Tavassi is at GF Vip today but do you know what he does in life?

Edoardo Tavassi is at GF Vip today but a few months ago he was a castaway from L’Isola dei Famosi: do you know what he does in life?

The GF Vip has been at the center of viewers’ attention since it started. Twists and turns are the order of the day, something unexpected happens every time. In the last two weeks what no one would have imagined has happened, the covid has entered the house. Initially, Charlie Gnocci, Luca Onestini, Patrizia Rossetti and Attilio Romita tested positive. After a few days, following the daily checks, Wilma Goich and Alberto De Pisis also contracted it.

Edoardo Tavassi, work (credits: youtube)

They were in solitary confinement until a few days ago when they finally returned. In recent weeks there has been the entry of new competitors. Among these is Edoardo Tavassi, that we saw a few months ago on L’Isola dei Famosi. You will certainly remember the competitor in Honduras was forced to retire one step away from the final. Due to an injury he left the island to return to Italy to the great displeasure of all those who followed him.

He was certainly among the likely winners. The public has followed her with interest: she has a frank and ironic personality but above all self-deprecating and this pleases the viewers. At home she is once again gaining the approval of the public, so much so that she is already the favourite. Since he went to The Island his face has become very well known, but what do we know about him? Do you know what he does in life? Let’s find out together!

GF Vip, Edoardo Tavassi is in the reality house but what does he do in life? Here is his work

Edoardo Tavassi entered the house of the Gf Vip a few weeks ago. Several months ago he played the role of castaway in The Island of the Famous, a program hosted by Ilary Blasi. He immediately conquered the public so much that he was among the possible winners. Due to an injury he was forced to retire.

His entry into the reality show was greeted with joy by viewers given the previous ones. In the house he seems to have a special interest in Micol Incorvaia, who has also recently entered. She didn’t hide it and the two got closer several times. It would seem that both feel the same interest, even if, in this relationship there are ups and downs. Fans have already gone wild and created a hashtag for them ‘Incorvassi’. Will something happen between the two? We’ll see, maybe it’s still too early to tell. But what do we know about Edward? Do you know what he does in life?

what does edoardo tavassi do
What it does (credits: youtube)

The contestant works in the world of videomaking. As he explained some time ago, he makes videos for plastic surgeons. While the team works on the people and makes interventions, he takes over the phases. This is a very interesting job.