Egypt summit, Al Sisi: “Israel and Palestine, apply two-state solution”

The Egyptian president opens the Cairo summit: “Israel cannot continue colonization”

“The solution” to the conflict in the Middle East “is the proclamation of the Palestinian state. Egypt categorically rejects the liquidation of the Palestinian cause” e “Israel cannot continue its colonization of Palestine. The solution is justice, the inalienable right to self-determination”. Thus Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, opening the proceedings of the Cairo Peace Summit. “prevent the conflict from spreadingwhich can put the stability of the region at risk” and “restart the peace process”, underlined al-Sisi, according to whom a “return to the negotiating table for the ceasefire” and “the application of the solution of two states living peacefully side by side, in compliance with international law”. The Egyptian president also underlined the need “not to involve children in the ongoing humanitarian crisis”.

“It is a very difficult moment for humanity, life is important before our faith. The Palestinian people must be protected and preserved. Egypt is committed to getting aid to Gaza” and “has never closed the gate of Rafah, it was the Israeli bombings that interrupted the passage. We cannot accept this forced migration. The Palestinian people do not want to leave their territory”, he added.

Today the Rafah crossing was opened and then closed after the passage of the first trucks carrying aid for the population of the Gaza Strip. “I agreed with Biden” on the need to “provide aid” to Palestinian civilians “from the United Nations,” President al-Sisi said.

“Egypt did not close the Rafah crossing but the Israeli bombings hindered the entry of aid into Gaza,” said the leader of the North African country. “Egypt – he continued – rejects the transfer of Palestinians from Gaza to Sinai as it aims to eliminate the Palestinian cause”. “We are here at a critical moment, which tests our humanity before our interests,” al-Sisi further added, addressing the more than thirty leaders present.