Egypt, Zaki: “Trial postponed to February 28”

The 31-year-old researcher in a post on social media: “I hope this nightmare ends. I want to go back to study in Italy”

The Mansoura court has postponed the trial of the Egyptian student of the University of Bologna Patrick Zaki, a human rights activist, to 28 February. Zaki himself made it known on Twitter. Arrested on February 7, 2020 upon his arrival at Cairo airport, Zaki was released from prison on December 8, 2021 and will be able to remain free until the end of the trial.

“I am grateful to all friends for their endless support. With each session I receive a huge number of messages of support and love making me feel that I am not alone in this difficult experience and giving me some hope that something good can happen soon “, wrote the 31-year-old researcher in a post on Fabebook.

The student also remembers the time spent in the cell. “One of the most important crises of those who have been in prison is that you don’t leave your prison. Even if you leave its walls, the prison stays inside you for a long time to accompany you on the rest of your journey, or this is what happens to me so far, despite everything i try hard to overcome the experience, you find it sticks to you most of the time, even if you decide to engage in any joyful activity, you find memories and worries about what happened, you remember a long night within your confines , your mind has not stopped thinking about this nightmare. Keeping your sanity is the hardest job inside the prison”.

“I hope this nightmare ends soon and I can go back to study in Italy normally and have the possibility to work on my personal recovery”.