Eitan Biran is back in Italy

The child, the only survivor of the Mottarone tragedy, landed at Orio al Serio airport with his aunt, cousins ​​and uncle

Eitan Biran is back in Italy. The child, the only survivor of the Mottarone tragedy, disputed by his paternal and maternal family, landed at Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo at 10pm with his aunt, cousins ​​and uncle. Blue jacket and hat on his head, the little one, according to what we learn, was taken from the Mobile on the track.

The little boy had left Tel Aviv at 7 pm local time, 6 pm in Italy, together with his aunt Aya, her husband and their daughters, to return to Italy, in Pavia. Eitan was brought to Israel on 11 September by his maternal grandfather: at the end of a judicial battle that lasted weeks, the Supreme Court ruled in recent days that the child should return to Italy, where he lived with his parents and brother, all died in the tragedy.

“We are pleased to announce that little Eitan has returned to Italy and safely – says Grazia Cesaro, aunt Aya’s lawyer (VIDEO) – We would like to underline that this was made possible by the correct application by the States of the rules that protect children in the event of international abduction and it certainly represents a good example of collaboration between States and a warning against international child abduction. Together with the family, we are grateful for the support that has really come from many places “.

“Looking to the future – says lawyer Cristina Pagni, aunt Aya’s lawyer – we hope that the spotlight on the child’s private life will be turned off to protect privacy and confidentiality and a new phase will open that will allow Eitan a more serene, even more necessary if we consider the terrible tragedy that involved him. From now on, let’s all commit ourselves to allow Eitan to resume his life as a six-year-old child “.