Eitan Biran, maternal grandparents appeal to Supreme Court against return to Italy

Shmuel Peleg: “I didn’t catch it illegally”

The maternal grandparents of Eitan Biran, the only 6-year-old child who survived the Mottarone tragedy, filed an appeal with the Israeli Supreme Court against the ruling in favor of the child’s return to Italy. “We hope that the Supreme Court justices will address this unprecedented case and order that Eitan remain in Israel, as her parents intended,” the note read.

“I disagree that he took Eitan illegally. I am a person who respects the law, I educate my children to respect the law,” Shmuel Peleg, Eitan’s maternal grandfather, told Not the Arena. . “I took Eitan on 9/11 after consulting my lawyers and getting legal advice: I found that there is nothing against the law that could block us, I did it all out in the open. I didn’t know there was travel ban “for the child. “I found out here in Israel during the trial. My lawyer knows how I got here in Israel,” he added. Eitan and his grandfather reached Israel on a private flight from Switzerland: “If I had known there was something legal, I wouldn’t have done it.”

“I think Eitan knows what happened, he asked once, twice to call his mom. I explained to him that mom and dad are looking down on him and he stopped asking. He doesn’t talk to anyone, nor to home or on the phone not even when he looks at the photos, he doesn’t talk about this “, said the man again.

“I do not know how to explain such a misfortune – he continued – It is certain that for a 6 year old child losing his family is a huge misfortune. We do everything possible to surround him with warmth and love. I am sorry that Eitan is not with me. I am allowed to meet him with my family a few hours a week and in these moments I feel that I have let him down. He was happy in the first month with the family at my house, he felt good. And I am sorry to say that at the moment they are preparing him to return him to Italy “.