Eitan Biran will return to Italy, his grandfather’s appeal rejected

The decision of the Supreme Court of Tel Aviv

Eitan Biran, the only survivor of the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, Italy will return to live with his paternal aunt Aya. This was established by the Supreme Court of Tel Aviv which rejected the appeal presented by the family of the maternal grandfather, the Pelegs. The N12 broadcaster reports it. The return must take place “within 15 days” from today.

According to the Supreme Court, therefore, the minor has ” lived in Italy almost all his life ” and therefore cannot be removed from ” his habitual residence ”. Peleg, the sentence continues, “did not provide a valid reason why the return to Italy could cause psychic or physical damage to the child”.

The sentence issued earlier this month by the Tel Aviv Family Court, which had established that Eitan should live with his paternal aunt Aya, to whom he had been entrusted by the Turin Court, has therefore been confirmed.

Only Aya Biran, according to the Supreme Court, has the right to custody of her grandson. The judge then spoke of ” kidnapping ” to describe the transfer of the child from Italy to Israel.

The magistrate also acknowledged that the previous courts had ruled that Eitan’s parents, both of whom died after the collapse of the cable car, had decided to settle in Italy indefinitely, i.e. ” for a long period of time and without setting a date for their return to Israel. ”

THE GRANDFATHER’S REACTION – “The State of Israel today gave up a defenseless Jewish child”. Thus the Peleg family, Eitan’s grandparents and maternal uncles, commented on the decision of the Tel Aviv Supreme Court. A note reads that Israel “has renounced an Israeli citizen without his voice being heard, in favor of life in a foreign land, far from his beloved family”.

“We will fight in every legal way to bring Eitan back to Israel and prevent the breaking of the bond imposed on him by his aunt by the family of his late mother Tal,” adds the family.