Eiza González shows that she is one of the most beautiful women in a low-cut white dress

Eiza Gonzalez, the 30-year-old Mexican actress, has an important career in Hollywood. She participated in important productions such as ‘Ambulance’ or ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, which catapulted her to world fame. Many compare her to Salma Hayek, as both are excellent actresses and have worked hard to achieve her goals.

This past Thursday March 16, Eiza shared the images of the gala event. “ALL SMILES AT THE PREMIERE OF EXTRAPOLATION TOMORROW!” she wrote her. She added: “This show is incredibly thoughtful and moving. So proud to be a part of this with the most amazing cast. Thanks to @scottzburns and our @appletvplusfamilia for this.”

Fiction will be seen on Apple TV + from March 17. In addition to Eiza, the cast is completed by Meryl Streep, Kit Harrington, Edward Norton and Marion Cotillard, among others. The series recounts the effects that the much-feared climate change will cause in the near future. There are eight stories that will be intertwined with this binding theme between each one of them.

Eiza González at the premiere. Source: Instagram @eizagonzalez

The series is directed and written by Scott Z. Burns. The episodes will be released weekly until the last one on April 21. Since March 17, the first three chapters are already available and then the remaining five will arrive. Eiza she will play ‘Elodie,’ an artist and influencer; Marion Cotillard will play ‘Sylvie Bolo’, an art collector; Tobey Maguire will play ‘Nic,’ a seaweed farmer; and Forest Whitaker will play ‘August Bolo,’ a small-time investor.

Eiza González at the premiere of ‘Extrapolation’. Source: Instagram @eizagonzalez

For the premiere, Eiza She wore a low-cut white dress with some lace details at the waist. She also chose a delicate makeup. “Natural dark hair suits her best”, “How beautiful that hair color looks on you” and “Stunning!! You must not be from this planet because you are out of this world!” were some of the messages from her fans instagram.

Eiza González in a low-cut white dress. Source: Instagram @eizagonzalez