Election day in the next Council of Ministers, in the text of the decree no third term for mayors

The rule on mayors of small municipalities present in the draft has been ‘whitened’

Will arrive in the next Council of Ministers – not yet convened – the decree on election day was postponed last week. In the text however, unlike the drafts circulated in the days preceding the last Council of Ministers, the part on the third mandate for the mayors of small municipalities was ‘whitened out’, a rule which – according to government sources never confirmed by Palazzo Chigi – would have led to the postponement, constituting a political knot to be resolved. It is also reported that the measure in question is unlikely to land on the table of the next Council of Ministers, barring any agreements.

Election day, when and how

According to what was read in the draft of a legislative decree on electoral matters, election day in Italy should be held in the first half of June. The country will in fact go to the vote to renew the European Parliament from 2pm to 10pm on Saturday 8th June and from 7am to 11pm on Sunday 9th. The same days and times apply in the case of simultaneous holding of the European elections with the regional elections and with a round of the administrative elections for the Municipalities.

In these cases, once the voting procedures have been completed, we proceed with the counting for the European elections. At 2 pm the counting for the regional elections will begin, then moving on to that for the administrative ones.