Elections 2022, 101 symbols presented: the race to vote has begun

By midnight on August 16th the admitted and refused candidates will be notified

Mid-August work for the officials of the Interior Ministry, called to check the documents of the 101 party symbols deposited. By midnight on August 16th the admitted and refused candidates will be notified. There is also that of ‘Italiani con Draghi’ on which a note from Palazzo Chigi makes it clear that the president was unaware of it. Meanwhile, the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi remarks: “If you want Draghi premier, vote for us. Third pole is a project that goes beyond September 25”.

Alongside more or less imaginative logos and slogans, the classic party symbols of the 1980s appear: scudocrociati, ivy, carnation, hammer and sickle. Divine-themed Renaissance by Vittorio Sgarbi showing the detail of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the famous hand of God that creates Adam. But above all the popular Catholics united on whose symbol appears a crusader shield, and it would be the fifth, partially covered by a heart that resembles that of the EPP, and an eagle stand out.

Then there is the Italian Communist Party, with the hammer and sickle on the two overlapping flags. Hammer and sickle also for the Communist Workers’ Party. There is no shortage of the Republican Party with the ivy leaf, the Pannella list, with the rose in its fist, and, inevitable, the carnation of the New PSI.

Curious coincidence, the symbols of the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement ended up next to each other at the Viminale. The quasi-allies of Enrico Letta’s large field, then divided by the crisis of the Draghi government, are back close, at least on the third badge board. An unwanted coincidence: first, around 16.20 on Sunday, M5S president Giuseppe Conte arrived to deposit the symbol. The Pd delegation presented itself after more than an hour from the former premier but, thanks to the absence of other depositors, and the slightly longer time that another delegation took to complete the procedure, the symbol of the Pd ended up right next to it. to that of the M5S.

To be counted among the curiosities, the ‘creative madness’ as a political method. To propose it is Giuseppe Cirillo, leader of the Party of Madness, among the many representatives of the list yesterday lined up in front of the Interior Ministry for the deposit of symbols. “We want a fine for politicians who make mistakes, we want the mid-term elections as a verification of their actions. We are collecting the signatures and within the week we should collect them all. We are already over 80%”. He explains. Cirillo goes around with condoms to raise awareness “against another pandemic, that of AIDS. And for this – he says – the state does very little. The idea of ​​creative madness is the overcoming of the limit of stereotypes and hypocrisy of society. Whoever exceeds this limit is positively insane. The insane is the one who goes against the tide “.

These are the symbols deposited: Pli Italian Liberal Party, Maie – Italian Associative Movement abroad with Merlo, Holy Roman Catholic Empire, Liga Veneta Repubblica, MPL-Libertas Political Movement, Italian National Union Party, Action-Italia Viva-Calenda, Mastella Noi di Centro Europeisti, Lega-Salvini Premier, De Luca Mayor of Italy-South calls North, Moderates, Orange Vests – Italian Catholic Union, South calls North-Giarrusso, Pensioners Party in the Center, Panzironi-for Health Revolution, For Italy with Paragone-Italexit , Gay Party Lgbt +, Christian Democracy, PCI, Naturalism-International Movement, Life, Südtiroler Volkspartei, Movimento delle Libertà, Sardinian Action Party, Movimento Poeti d’Azione, Popolo Idea Libertà, Let’s change !, Innovazione Italia, Free, Ppa- Popolo VAT numbers, Moviment Friûl, Communist Workers’ Party, New Italy, Liberal Democracy, Party of Madness, The light of the South -Giusy Papale, Long live freedom-President Giunta, People of Italy-Free People solidarity, Use-United States of Europe of the Member States of the Euro, Italian Republican Party, Italian Liberal Party Pli, Marco Pannella List, Forza Italia-Berlusconi President, Alternative for Italy-No Green Pass, Forza del Popolo- Musso Premier, Italy itself awakens, Italy Moderate, We Moderates, Alternative, Christian Democracy, Popular Alternative, Party of Europeans and Liberals, Forza Nuova – Apf, Civic Commitment-Di Maio, People like us, Esseritari, National technical movement for peace, Christian Democracy, Social Democracy Sd, Southern Italy, Lega per Italia, Fourth pole, South American Union of Italian emigrants, Italian Federalist Party, Green and Left Alliance, Più Eco, Italia II civilization science beauty, Brothers of ‘Italy with Giorgia Meloni, Valore Liberale, Movement for the establishment of Christian scientific socialism – No to the forensic fund, Lega per Salvini premier, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, New Socialist Party Psi, Democr azia cristiano, 5-star movement, Democratic Party Democratic and Progressive Italy, United Right, Italy of values, United Italy, National organized independent animal rights defense, Renaissance, United Popular Catholics, Peretti-Liberal Catholic Democracy, Popular Union with De Magistris, Political Movement Libertas, Together, Sovereign and Popular Italy, European Liberal Social Democracy, Referendum and Democracy with Cappato, Movimento del Vento, Animalist Party UCDL, Party of Catholics, More Europe, We go forward, Palamara beyond the system, Tomaso Picchioni, Italians with Renaissance Dragons , Up with de Magistris and Italy of rights – De Pierro. The Democratic Party handed over two badges, one for Italy and one for abroad, and Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra filed, in addition to the national one, two variants for linguistic minorities.