Elections 2022, Albertini: “Calenda knew everything and maliciously concealed it”

The former mayor of Milan is not there and replies to the umpteenth controversial relaunch of the leader of Action

Gabriel Albertini he does not fit in and replies to the umpteenth controversial relaunch of Carlo Calenda which, on this occasion, also has some for Federico Pizzarotti. Interviewed by Adnkronos, the former mayor of Milan responds with a series of evidence confirming the offer of the candidacy for the 2022 political elections received by Maria Elena Boschi, on behalf of Matteo Renzi and a attempt of dialogue with Calenda himself, to which the leader of Action would not have given any follow-up.

Communicating, via smswith Maria Elena Boschi, Albertini writes: “I would like to thank you again for your generous candidacy proposal, which I had joined. However, I would like to inform you, to avoid misunderstandings or misunderstandings that, if the decisions, as far as I am concerned, were different from those we have talked about: leaders either in the Chamber or in the Senate, in the central Milan college, I would have no difficulty in giving up my candidacy and I would do it without controversy ” To Calenda, on the other hand, he writes: “Dear Carlo, at this moment, I believe that you are faced with the ‘devil’s alternative’ that always and in any case, sooner or later, presents itself to every head: ‘Vision’, Gabriele Albertini (” the mayor of good memories “, you will grant it to me!) who can attract votes from the CD and from abstention in his city. Or ‘Gestione’, Enrico Costa (Deputy Secretary of Action and, I say, a worthy and talented person!). If you want to subtract votes from the CD and abstention and affirm the Third Pole, which bears your name, you have to nominate the ‘mayor of good memories’ (again, you will grant it to me!) In central Milan, in the proportional and in the uninominal. If you want to confirm your management team and motivate your collaborators, decide to nominate Enrico Costa, a very good and very worthy person, but from Cuneo. If you have history as your perspective, you know what to decide. If, on the other hand, you want a ‘negotiation’ success, you have the choice ready, even in this alternative. Whatever your choice, I will respect it, but I will not be able not to recognize myself in the mistake that, if it happens, you will have made, in not ‘dreaming during the day’ “.

All this, Albertini affirms, took place “with the utmost respect, without aggression and above all, without asking for anything”. And the result, he observes, was to be treated as “any annoying begging for jobs, to which he doesn’t even care to answer”. Among other things, Albertini’s text messages also show a concrete interest in the Terzo Polo project by the former mayor who, always speaking with Boschi, ensures a personal economic contribution to the cause, as well as a further contribution made available. from her supporters: “Dear Maria Elena, in addition to the previous text message, so that you do not seem my way of behaving as a sign of total disinterest, I would like to confirm that, in addition to my personal contribution of 50,000 euros, I am reasonably able to make bring in at least another 100,000 euros of friendly supporters. But don’t interpret it differently from wanting to let you know my motivation to play a role in the electoral campaign “.

Nothing, however, would have served to convince Calenda that he wanted to keep the point on the candidacy of the former Piedmontese minister, motivating the decision with a series of posts in which he claims that Albertini would have sent the proposal / request. “My candidacy – the former Milanese mayor reaffirms – was supported by Renzi and Boschi until the end; then, in the face of his unshakable desire to nominate Costa in my place, they drafted”. Calenda “knew very well and, maliciously, concealed it”. And therefore, the story of self-candidacy and requests “is the furthest from the truth”.