Elections 2022, Berlusconi: “Bureaucracy suffocates us, here’s the program” – Video

The Cav video illustrates the Forza Italia ‘recipe’

“A pill a day of our program should get rid of the gentlemen of the left. Today we are talking about the bureaucracy that suffocates us. To build a house, or to renovate it, to open a business, a shop, a restaurant, today a ‘ infinity of practices, permits, authorizations that last an infinity of time. With us, on the other hand, it will be enough to respect the laws and a communication by registered letter to the relevant Municipality “. This was declared by the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconiillustrating another key point in Fi’s electoral program in a video message.

“The works – he adds – will be able to start immediately and the checks will be done a posteriori, with a fine for those who have broken the laws. With this simple reform, 800 thousand more places will be created, only in construction. If you agree, if you too want to live in a state where the citizen can do everything that is not explicitly forbidden by the law, on 25 September you have to go to vote and you have to vote Forza Italia “.