Elections 2022, Berlusconi: “Drama bills rise, focus on clean nuclear power”

“Families risk being faced with the choice of paying for them or shopping”

On bills rise “to say that I am worried is too little“So Silvio Berlusconi to the microphones of Radio 101.” They have increased from 4 to 6 times compared to last year, a drama for families and businesses. Families are likely to find each other before the choice of paying bills or shoppingall prices are rising, companies risk closing or raising the price of products to the point of finding themselves out of the market. “Immediate measures are needed to sterilize these increases at least in part”, but “also intervene with structural measures, with regasifiers, wind farms and above all restarting with research on clean nuclear power. In France 85% of the energy the French need comes from nuclear power “.

THE VOTE – “It is in the interest of all Italians to go and vote and maybe vote Forza Italia, staying at home is a damage done to oneself, to one’s family, to the country“. To 40% of Italians who seem willing to desert the polls” we must add 11% who do not know who to vote because they are distracted or disinterested, therefore half Italians are in fact out of the democratic process. Can we still talk about democracy? I understand them, I too am disgusted with what I once called the political theaterbut the vote is the only weapon we have “.

Forza Italia comes to the political elections with “an excellent team, I believe they have found a good balance between competent parliamentarians and new faces of quality coming from civilization. Forza Italia will never be the party of conservation “. The former prime minister also claims the choice to focus on Rita Dalla Chiesa,” a well-known face of TV, much loved “, but also” daughter of a father killed by the mafia, which makes it a symbol of the commitment in the fight against the mafia “.

THE PROGRAM – Forza Italia’s electoral program “is made up of concrete things: less taxes thanks to the flat tax, opening businesses without having to deal with the obstacles of bureaucracy, more efficient justice with processes that end in 400 days as happens throughout Europe , today in Italy we reach 1,200 days on penalties, a madness. And again: more adequate pensions and more opportunities for our young people “.

SOCIAL – “Today social networks are the new frontier of communication, as with television when we broke the Rai monopoly, it seemed right to be there, to explain our contents to all with short messages that can be heard quickly. In my life I have shown, not only in politics but also in the world of business and in that of sport, that I know how to achieve all the goals I had set for myself “.