Elections 2022, Berlusconi: “I think I’ll run for the Senate”

“I was pressured by many people, not just by Forza Italia”, says Cav

“I’m thinking about it, because I’ve been pressured by so many people, not just by Fi. So I think I’ll eventually run for the Senate.” This was stated by the president of Fi, Silvio Berlusconi, guest of “Radio Anch’io” on Radio Raiuno.

As for the hypothesis of Giorgia Meloni premier, the Cav reiterates: “We have always said that whoever has the most votes will be proposed to the head of state as candidate-premier. If it is Giorgia Meloni, I am sure that it will prove adequate for the difficult task”

So, in commenting on the alarm launched by the leaders of the center-left on the risks of authoritarianism in the event of the center-right’s victory in the next elections, Berlusconi explains: “I have the impression that this concern is greatly emphasized by the left. The Democratic Party seems to be busy these days. to create a new CNL, as if it were a question of freeing the country from Nazism. All this is a bit ridiculous and certainly not good for the quality of the political debate. In Europe there is much more maturity, more responsibility, more respect for us and for Italy “. “I am not very passionate about this competition – added Berlusconi – I am much more interested in the things to do to characterize the center-right of the government”, he added.