Elections 2022, Berlusconi: “Via constraints and bureaucracy to create jobs” – Video

The leader of FI: “Reform essential for Italy to become attractive again for doing business”

“There bureaucracy reform“is” a reform indispensable, so that Italy can go back to being a country where you do business, invest, make profits and create jobs. To achieve this, we must absolutely say enough to preventive authorizations, which today are necessary to start any entrepreneurial activity. Authorizations, which the municipalities and other authorities in charge issue us with great difficulty and with serious delays. “So Silvio Berlusconi in a video on social media.

“Whoever wants to open a company or a shop, whoever wants to build or even renovate a property, with our reform will be able to do it without waiting and without hitches. Just send a registered letter to the Municipality, or to the other institutions concerned and you can leave immediately with the work. Obviously respecting the laws in force. The checks will be carried out only afterwards and if something is found that does not comply with the law, the interested party will have a reasonable time to put everything in order “.

“If this does not happen, sanctions will be imposed, proportionate to the seriousness of the violation. The Italian Builders Association has estimated that with this reform construction will be able to restart and even 800,000 more jobs will be created. Tomorrow, I will talk to you about another major reform, that of the tax authorities and I will show you our flat tax “.