Elections 2022, Boschi: “The losers are Letta and Salvini”

“As Italia Viva and Action we are very satisfied”

“As Italia Viva and Action we are very satisfied, it seems to me that the losers are Letta and Salvini this time“This was stated by the parent company of Italia Viva in the Camera Maria Elena Boschi in connection with Bruno Vespa’s ‘Porta a Porta’ from the electoral committee of the Terzo Polo.

On Giorgia Meloni’s result, Boschi comments: “Meloni did a good result, now we will see the final data what they will be, if there will be the numbers to govern for the center-right. The night is long, certainly the result has gone to the detriment of Salvini, who is doing very badly, and of the center left, where according to the data the Democratic Party is going very badly “.

“Prudence is a must – he underlines – but our list representatives are sending us the first real data and I must say that they are very positive. In Milan, for example, we are in all the seats that are reaching us between 15 and 35%, even in many seats we are the first party in Milan, we are between 15 and 20% in Florence, we are doing very well with the double figure in Rome which is the capital of Italy “.

“Some time ago – adds Boschi – someone said that Renzi and Italia Viva lost votes, in reality where Renzi is leaders in Milan and Tuscany we are on the double figures and we are doing very well”.