Elections 2022, Calenda a Letta: “You are losing sense of reality”

The leader of ‘Action’ responds to the attack of the Pd secretary: “I don’t want to destroy anyone”

Enrico Letta you are losing the sense of what you say. You see ideological wars everywhere. I don’t want to destroy anyone. Italy needs a social democratic party just as it needs a liberal, reformist and popular party. End “. Third Pole leader Carlo Calenda writes on Twitter in response to the words of the Pd secretary in La Stampa. According to Letta, in these elections there is also a competition on the leadership of the center-left in which Calenda, Renzi and Conte aim to” destroy the Democratic Party, but they will not succeed “.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum in Cernobbio, Calenda stressed that “I seek dialogue with everyone. I do not want to destroy the Democratic Party or Forza Italia, I don’t want to destroy anything, also because the country is already destroyed, so there is nothing to destroy, there is only to rebuild. Those who want to vote for us do so for the idea we have of the country “.

“This country needs to make peace and work together and after years of populism it is reduced to rubble. It must carry on the PNRR, promise less and achieve more. Vote for us and we will try to make a government as large as possible, we will try to keep Mario Draghi who at the moment is prime minister and set agenda of seriousness and common sense, “he added.

On the hypothesis of an extra month to mitigate the effects of inflation “there is a problem of energy costs that must be fixed”, otherwise the company “cannot afford it. We were talking about an extra month. to cope with inflation. The problem is that if we don’t fix energy costs first, businesses won’t be able to afford it, “said the leader of Action.