Elections 2022, Calenda breaks with Pd. Letta: “We move forward”

The leader of Action: “A difficult decision”. The leader dem: “Allied only to himself” And closes at M5S. Renzi: “Iv available for dialogue, third pole extraordinary opportunity”

Carlo Calenda breaks the pact with the Democratic Party in view of the political elections of 25 September 2022. “The only possible ally for Calenda is Calenda”, is the reply of the secretary dem Letta who closes at M5S. Meanwhile, the leader of Italia Viva Renzi opens a dialogue with Action in the name of the Third Pole that Renzi defines as an “extraordinary opportunity”.


“I do not intend to go ahead with the alliance with the Democratic Party”, announces the leader of Action Carlo Calenda guest of Lucia Annunziata’s ‘Half an hour more’. And after stating that he has already communicated it to Enrico Letta, he underlines: “I do not feel at ease, there is no courage, beauty, seriousness and love in doing politics like this, I have communicated to the leaders of the Democratic Party that I do not intend to go on. with this alliance “.

“In Letta – explains Calenda – I said that if he had signed an antithetical pact to ours it would have been a total confusion, yesterday I had the feeling of a Democratic Party in the middle and many other forces, which must have been Bonelli and Fratoianni, then joined Di Maio and others. From the moment after our agreement they attacked the Draghi agenda, there had to be a coherence of language that immediately jumped “.

“It is the most painful decision I have taken since I started being a politician – he says – And this is the element that makes me decide, I decided to go into politics in 2018 when the Democratic Party reached an all-time low, and the ‘I did to counter vulgar populism, I thought the Democratic Party was the only embankment, then the Democratic Party took a different path “.

This left-wing coalition is made to lose, there was the opportunity to make one to win, that’s why we were willing to give up on everything, even the boarding schools, the choice was made by the Democratic Party “, he insists. In any case” there is disappointment for Letta, not animosity . Letta did what all the dem leaders did before him “, says Calenda, adding:” I just expected a little more “.


“I listened to Carlo Calenda. I think from everything he said that the only possible ally for Calenda is Calenda”, comments Letta on Twitter. “We are moving forward in the interest of Italy”, she adds immediately afterwards.

Later, on Tg1, the dem secretary said: “The Italians saw very well, there was a signed pact and one party decided not to honor their word. In my opinion, in politics, as in life, it is quite serious: what promises can you make to the Italians if they know that you are already breaking your word with your allies? “.

My state of mind after the tear? “Very determined, now we start in the electoral campaign. The alliances are defined. What is fundamental now is to talk about work, pensions, young people, the environment. These are the things that interest Italians”. The Democratic Party, he assures, will be “even more determined than before, because it is clear that Italians, with this electoral law, will be able to choose whether to be governed by Meloni and the right or by us. It is a clear choice and Calenda has decided to help the right by doing what it did “.

And on M5S: “It was Conte who brought down the Draghi government, he took on an enormous responsibility. And for us this is a conclusive fact”, says Letta.


“This day marks Enrico Letta’s Caporetto”, says the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi to his followers, inviting them to “switch off Twitter and go to the beach”. No official comment on Calenda’s tear but great surprise “for Letta’s bankruptcy strategy”. For a month now – Renzi’s reasoning – the secretary of the Democratic Party has been doing everything wrong. And Meloni thanks. As for Calenda, there are no official contacts in progress, but Italia Viva is still ready for a dialogue in the name of the Third Pole, which Renzi defines as an “extraordinary opportunity”. Meanwhile, he continues work on the electoral campaign which should begin at the end of August in Melendugno to relaunch the strategic value of TAP.