Elections 2022, Calenda: “Me leader? Renzi proposed it to me” – Video

“We needed a recognizable leader and it was he who proposed to do so. I am very happy and honored”

“I thank Renzi for his generosity. Let’s run together with a very precise agenda, which is the continuation of the Draghi agenda. We hope it will be the real news of these elections”. Like this Carlo Calenda to ‘Zona bianca’ on Rete 4, commenting on the political-electoral agreement between Action and Italia Viva. Why does Renzi’s name not appear in the symbol? “We needed a recognizable leader and it was Renzi who proposed to do so. I am very happy and honored, I will try to repeat what I did in Rome” during the electoral campaign, he added.

In case of electoral success “the first thing we will try to do is lock Mario Draghi inside Palazzo Chigi”, Calenda’s words on broadcast.

In the past, did you say ‘never allied with Renzi’? “Very trivially, at the time Renzi ruled with the M5S, I have a very strong aversion to the 5 Stars, I never wanted them close. There was a very clear division between us on this”, Calenda then explained. “The fall of the Draghi government was a watershed, an incomprehensible moment. Sending home the most illustrious man in Italy was a sensational mistake”, remarks the leader of Action.

“Letta has built a very heterogeneous coalition, which among other things has a ruling class – I am thinking of Di Maio, Manlio Di Stefano – that I consider the worst ruling class that governed Italy”, the leader’s opinion on dem of Action.