Elections 2022, Calenda-Salvini clash over the flat tax

Siri on the attack: “Calenda another functional illiterate with zero arguments”

Question and answer Carlo Calenda-Matteo Salvini via Twitter on the flat tax. A tweet from the leader of the action provoked the Northern League’s reactions. “It seems clear to me why Berlusconi and Salvini propose the flat tax”, writes Calenda, commenting on an Action-Italia Viva cartel which explains how “with the flat tax at 23% with the current rules of the flat-rate regime, Silvio Berlusconi would save 14 million euros a year in taxes per year, and Matteo Salvini 15 thousand. A nurse who earns 32 thousand euros a year would save nothing “.

Ready there replica of the Northern League leader Salvini: “Calenda either lies or is uninformed. The Flat Tax proposed by the Lega does not provide benefits for incomes such as those of Berlusconi or any parliamentarian, while a nurse with an income of 32 thousand euros, with a dependent wife and child, would save 1,124 euros . Now Calenda is against the Flat Tax, but knowing his speed in changing his mind, by evening he could become a supporter “.

“If the Lega flat tax is the eighteen tax rate it is not a flat tax, but a mockery. If it is, it produces the effects we have described. In short, it is a scam or it is an unfair thing. Choose Salvini”, there Calenda’s rejoinder to the words of the Northern League leader.

Meanwhile, the Lega senator also arrives at the attack of the leader of Action Armando Siri, coordinator of the party departments: “Calenda another functional illiterate who having zero arguments on the Flat Tax – which is the only concrete tool to reduce and simplify taxes for the middle class – is able to give examples of non-existent benefits for Berlusconi and Salvini” . Thus the senator of the Lega Armando Siri, coordinator of the party departments.

“If he had read the Bill for the reform of the Tuir Consolidated Law presented by the League at my first signature in Parliament, he would know that the maximum family income for Bi-Income families is 70 thousand euros to access the benefits of the Flat Tax. A case – he explains – that it does not concern Salvini or Berlusconi who notoriously could not even access the flat-rate 15% flat tax regime currently in force at 65 thousand euros and not even what we propose with the maximum threshold of 100 thousand euros which is aimed exclusively at VAT numbers. Therefore, having ascertained that neither Berlusconi nor Salvini will be able to benefit from the Flat Tax, with all due respect to Calenda, a nurse with 32 thousand euros of income, wife and dependent child, would save 1124 euros in taxes. Enough fake news on the Flat Tax “.