Elections 2022, Calenda: “Stop an alliance with the Democratic Party”

The announcement of the leader of Action at ‘half an hour more’: “A difficult decision, in this legislature we have seen everything”

I do not intend to go ahead with the alliance with the Democratic Party. I communicated it to Enrico Letta a little while ago. He knew yesterday what would happen, I warned him. “Action leader Carlo Calenda announced it, guest of Lucia Annunziata’s ‘Half an hour more’, speaking of the agreement signed last Tuesday by Action with the Democratic Party in view of the elections policies of 25 September.

“In Letta – explained Calenda – I said that if he had signed an antithetical pact to ours it would have been a total confusion, yesterday I had the feeling of a Democratic Party in the middle and many other forces, which must have been Bonelli and Fratoianni, then they added Di Maio and others. From the moment after our agreement they attacked the Draghi agenda, there had to be a coherence of language that immediately jumped “. “I told Letta that we could not get to bomb the Draghi agenda from the day after,” he says with reference to the left forces.

It’s the hardest decision I’ve made since I started being a politician. And this is the element that makes me decide, I decided to go into politics in 2018 when the Democratic Party reached an all-time low, and I did it to counter the vulgar populism, I thought that the Democratic Party was the only embankment, then the Democratic Party has taken a different path “.” This legislature has seen the opposite of everything, and there have been two breaking points, the inability to find a different name for Mattarella and the international deception of Draghi’s fall “, says Calenda .

According to Calenda “Italy needs a great social democratic and liberal party. So I negotiated with Enrico Letta, I said, ‘let’s try to build an alternative government, after all we are similar, we have credibility, we make an Italy that does not promise but achieves’. As we went on we added pieces that were out of tune – recalls Calenda – and now I find myself alongside people who have voted 55 times no confidence in Draghi, they have polluted Italian politics for 4 years. So I got lost, and two days ago I went to Enrico Letta and I said to him, ‘look, I give up the boarding schools, you take 90% and I 10%, but let’s make a clear alliance, and let’s build an alternative government ‘”.