Elections 2022, Calenda: “Whoever wins will not last more than 6 months, a coalition will be needed”

For the leader of Action “with the Meloni government we would not have fascism but chaos”

Whoever prevails, the government would not last “more than six months”, given the “enormous internal contradictions”, while Italy needs to continue on the road interrupted “in an unconscious way” by a Draghi government or which is inspired by the Draghi method . With a coalition whose weights would be established by the vote, but which cuts the extreme wings and brings together the most responsible parties with a great, first objective: “Implement the PNRR, which no one talks about anymore in order to finally have a modern country”. This was stated in an interview with Corriere della Sera by the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda.

For Calenda, the break with the Democratic Party does not make it very difficult to steal the victory from the center-right. “Not at all. The proportional is very important in these elections. And if we take from 10% to 15%, we can stop this game of politics against that has torn the country apart in the last thirty years”, underlines the leader of Action.

In Rome, he stresses, “we started with the polls at 6% and we finished at 20. Our result will serve to force these irresponsible parties to go ahead with Draghi instead of starting to demolish the work done. It is not a race against, it is a race for the country. To have a government with Draghi or at least one that has authority, programs, concreteness, vision “.

According to Calenda “there is no risk of a fascist government. However, I believe that FdI and Meloni have two very serious limitations: the first is the total isolation from the orbit of the great European countries; the second is the very limited administrative and international experience both of Meloni, because being prime minister is not a game but a difficult and burdensome commitment, both of his ruling class. In Rome I confronted a candidate of Meloni, Michetti, and I have never been faced with such a challenger unprepared and vague. With a Meloni-led government we would not have fascism, but chaos “.

“The fairytale of moderate Berlusconi – he continues – ended when, together with the M5S, he discouraged Draghi. He is only interested in the Quirinale, in the context of a very unlikely presidential reform that they promised him. That coalition is split between those who are with the von der Leyen and who against: how can it appear credible in the eyes of the world? “.