Elections 2022, Carfagna: “It’s strange to hear me say I’m from Action”

“I’m not applying for single-member boarding schools, but because I asked for it”

It’s strange to hear me say ‘you of Action’, I have to get used to it“This was said by the minister of the South Mara Carfagna, interviewed on Sky Tg24.

“I had no doubts about Calenda’s choice, he was the only one who said, ‘we have the best ever’, we are working to keep him in Palazzo Chigi. We want to guarantee continuity and stability with Mario Draghi’s serious and responsible government” .

Carfagna explains: “I am not applying for single-member boarding schools, but because I asked for it. The next elections will be a choice of field between the front of responsibility and seriousness, which Mario Draghi wants again at Palazzo Chigi, and the front of irresponsibility, instability and defascism. But almost 20 years of my political militancy in Forza Italia cannot be canceled with a stroke of the pen, and therefore I cannot be a candidate in a single-member constituency, going to ask for votes not only from the moderates, but also from the left. It is a choice of consistency that I made from the first moment “.

Then, commenting on the words of the leader of Fi Silvio Berlusconi on the exiles from his party, he observes: “Bitterness and disappointment are mutual, when you leave a house that has been yours for 18 years you feel bitterness”.

The gratitude towards Berlusconi remains, but the disappointment is mutual – adds the minister – because I thought that Forza Italia was the party of governability, seriousness and responsibility. And instead it was the only Italian party, or even in the world, that during a government crisis did not consult its ministers “.

“I received a lot of phone calls from Forza Italia colleagues, I also heard Berlusconi. It was a painful phone call but I was also pleased because Berlusconi recognized the goodness of my work in all these years in the service of the party and the country. It will be a difficult and perhaps bad election campaign, but I hope it does not compromise personal relationships “.

“Berlusconi – he adds – took the decision to bring down the Draghi government because Meloni and Salvini wanted to go to elections. But there is no convenience for Berlusconi,” Forza Italia has been reduced to the current of the League, it queues up with populists and extremists“.

“They give us traitors, but, if treason is not respecting the commitments made, what is the commitment we had made with the Italians? That of supporting Mario Draghi’s government until the end of the term. commitment with the Italians – asks Carfagna – me or who sent Mario Draghi home, opening up to uncertainty? “.

As for the fact of enlarging the coalition to the left “it is a problem of Enrico Letta, the secretary of the Democratic Party has made a pact with us by accepting all the points we had made”, says the minister for the South.

“We have a very bad electoral law that obliges us to make an electoral agreement, not a coalition. The Action-Pd pact – explains the former Forza Italia – is a page that every pro-European liberal could sign. If this pact were to defeat the right and to stop its triumphal advance, it will be necessary to find some fall points, and it will be easier to find them with the Democratic Party, with whom we have governed in the past “.