Elections 2022, Casalino: “No to candidacy so as not to damage Conte and M5S”

The words to Corsera: “But in 5 years I’ll be there”

“I understood that my presence on the list would have sparked controversy and the last thing I want is to cause damage to the Movement or to Conte, to which a relationship of esteem and affection binds me. I would never have asked to be put on blocked lists or to have a secure college. I wanted to be able to participate in the parliamentarians like everyone else, I wanted to play it. And anyway, knowing Conte, he would never have armored me with a secure candidacy, never “. He says it Rocco Casalino in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’.

“I confess – he adds – that I was fought to the end, I did not sleep there for 4 nights. Because on the one hand there is my ten-year militancy in the Movement and my desire to commit myself to this new path of Conte and on the other the awareness of how much my name continues to be, after so many years, so divisive “. The former premier “behaved like a brother to me. We spoke to the last and he always told me to decide freely, but unfortunately I always have a sense of guilt that my actions can damage the image of With you”.

“Although 22 years have passed since my participation in the ‘Big Brother’ – Casalino finally laments – my name continues to be greedy for those who want to muddy not so much me, but the Movement with what is the ‘Boffo method’. the headlines that would have made: ‘Here is Casalino, from the house of the Gf to the Parliament’ … “. But “I say it 5 years in advance: I’ll be there next time! I hope that after 15 years of militancy and loyalty to my party and 30 years after the ‘Gf’, no one can complain about anything”.