Elections 2022, Castelli: “Candidate in Novara? No thanks, my house is Collegno”

The words of the former M5S, now a member of the Civic Commitment. Renzi’s jab: “Read Castelli candidly, my Pd candidated Padoan …”

“I discover from the newspapers, and from some nice tweets, that I would be a candidate for the uninominal of Novara. No thanks, ‘my house’ is Collegno, if the coalition has made other choices I take note and in full team spirit I will give my contribution in the plurinominal of Civic Engagement, hoping however that this electoral campaign is characterized by proposals for citizens and not by attacks, insults and hatred. With Civic Engagement we have a clear proposal, the challenge is to go beyond 3%, we will give our best to achieve the target”. Thus the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance Laura Castellideputy of Civic Commitment.

LIN STOCCATA DI RENZI – “The new Pd nominates Laura Castelli, our Pd nominated Pier Carlo Padoan. The difference is clear. Whoever votes for the new Pd votes Di Maio and Castelli. That’s why we are other, we are elsewhere”, the leader’s jab in a tweet of Italy alive Matteo Renzi.