Elections 2022, Conte: “At 17.30 40 thousand voters in M5S parliamentarians”

The former premier: “Great participation, we are the most progressive and innovative force like it or not”

At 17.30 the voters at parliamentarians of the M5S they were about 40 thousand. This is the figure communicated by the M5S leader Giuseppe Conte, in an interview with the director of La Stampa Massimo Giannini. The former premier stressed the “great participation” to the pentastellate online consultation, recalling that the total voters in the 2018 parliamentarians were 39 thousand.

The price list? “I proposed a small team of 15 people, but it is not a question of very loyal”, explains the president of the M5S. “They are people who can contribute to realizing our battles”, will serve to guarantee “an essential core for a continuity of action”.

After all, claims the former premier, the 5 Star Movement is “the most progressive and innovative force in the systemlike it or not “.

The center-right wants to abolish citizenship income? “Attention – Conte warns – because repealing a social protection system like this would be truly madness, there is a risk of social anger and malaise that we would not be able to contain. Social cohesion is at stake, let’s not joke about this “.

The former prime minister then reassured about his relationship with the M5s guarantor. “My relations with Grillo are very good, we hear each other constantly. In the past there was actually an initial misunderstanding, that was a real moment of clash but there was a recomposition “, he continues.” No rust and no friction “not even with Virginia Raggi,” she gave a wrong interpretation of the rules (on candidacies, ed). She said that she would not reapply for personal reasons, but she is not in a position to reapply because her second term is running out. ”