Elections 2022, Conte: “Draghi praised but brought us to a standstill”

The M5S leader: “No man alone in charge”. And he underlines: “Sanctions must be maintained, whoever calls me pro-Persian slanders me”

Draghi was cheered, but he stalled us. He is a prestigious personality, with an exceptional curriculum, but we cannot give him blank bills, the only man in charge does not work and it did not work: energy is only one of the things, the most serious, but there are some. many. “So the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conteguest of the Corrieretv.

On the sanctions against Russia we immediately said absolutely yes – he said again – I was also for a tightening up but I was also aware that they would hurt us. Even today, which are not proving to be very effective on Putin because they were thinking of bringing the Russian economy to its knees and it is not happening, I say that they had to be taken and kept.