Elections 2022, Conte: “Pd will make Rome the dustbin of Italy”

The president of the M5S attacks the dem and warns: “This is the moment of truth, it is the moment in which you are called to decide”

“The ecological transition is not a slogan. The Democratic Party has put a rule on incinerators that will make Rome the capital of Italy with a mega incinerator. That is the past. “Thus the president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, today in Manfredonia for a stage of the electoral tour” On the right side “in view of the Politics of next September 25th.

Second Count “the fourth generation nuclear power according to scientists will arrive in 15-20 years. Well research, we don’t block research, we invest. When it comes, we’ll talk about it, now there is no certaintythere is only the old nuclear with the radioactive waste and we have already rejected it with two referendums, we are not going back “.

“We say stop drilling. Our seas and ecosystems must be protected because that is our wealth, biodiversity. Drilling, these platforms that go there to look for, are the past”, adds the president of the M5S, according to whom “this is the moment of truth, it is the moment in which you are called to decide. You have the power, so far the Renzi and the Calenda have spoken, all the specialists of power, but now the TV commentators no longer speak but you. On September 25 you decide, and I will respect your decision which is sacred, but think carefully because you have to decide which side to take. If you are with us, know that you will be with those who make sacrifices from morning to evening and take insults to defend your interests. And an x ​​is not enough, you have to shout loudly that you are on the right side “.

Talking about superbonusConte recalls that “we received ferocious attacks only because we invented a measure that allows urban regeneration, bills and emissions cuts. But the real problem is that we do not put money there in favor of the banks but in favor of the citizens. and they cannot accept this. With an investment of 28 billion, this measure has produced a total economic value of 128 billion “.

And on the hypothesis of “removing the citizen’s income” he adds: “It is a removal of a system of social protection that all countries in the Western world have. It is a shame. We will continue to work to improve it because it is a complex reform. Second Istat, with this measure we have saved a million citizens from poverty, and now that there is the expensive bills and the prospect of an even more severe recessionary spiral, they want to abolish it. It is a shame “.

“We must invest a lot and work to improve health and, from public health, away the friends of the friends of the politicians on duty. Healthcare companies must be governed by those who have skills and professionalism. We must make a law that sweeps away the political colors from health care public “.